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In his article “Kerry’s Mideast ‘failure’ was a success” (10 – 11 May, INYT), Mr. Shmuel Rosner makes a success of the failed peace talks. According to Rosner it cannot be a failure if the Israeli and Palestinians had other goals than reaching a peace deal. That’s a very strange way of looking at the peace process and hardly any comfort for either side.

While both sides disagree on many issues, they know very well what a mutually acceptable solution will have to look like. The peace process broke down because of provocative acts by both sides and a lack of trust. On the Israeli side the main priority seems to have been to keep the coalition government intact. Now Rosner wants us to believe that waiting for another opportunity is a good strategy. But the situation is not static.

The longer the occupation continues, the more settlements are built. Sooner or later there will be a new violent intifada. Huge amounts are spent on subsidizing the settlements at the expense of the economic-social development in Israel. A new generation born in the settlements and the illegal outposts are taking the law into their own hands. Israeli products risk being boycotted by other countries. Israel as the home land of all Jews will be less attractive and Israelis themselves who cannot stand the political and economic situation will leave in growing numbers. Is that a successful outcome?

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